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The Case of the Disappearing Radio Formats

04.16.15 Posted in New Media News by Denise

Having had a long career in radio, people often ask me why they can’t find a station they like. Others think radio is being driven out of business by streaming and satellite radio. In fact, radio listening is still quite robust, but it’s true that listeners seek out alternatives when they can’t find what they like on radio.

One good example is the growth of podcasting. After all, there are more topics in the world than political and sports talk, but they’re hard to find on commercial radio. NPR and podcasting are doing a good job of filling that gap. Short term goals, like those based on advertising demographics, also dictate too much of the content. So do radio’s financial problems with the resulting layoffs of air personalities and other personnel as well as cut backs in research and promotions.

This article from JacobsMedia describes how radio formats are driven by the needs, or perceived needs, of advertisers, not listeners. (The beginning segment about a box that influences radio audience estimates may not be of interest to all readers, so scroll down.)

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