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Profanity vs. Profits

09.03.16 Posted in New Media News by Denise

I’ve had many conversations with creators who don’t understand why they can’t make big bucks with explicit and/or controversial content. Those who vehemently support free speech must realize that advertisers also have certain freedoms like choosing which content is appropriate for their brands.

CBS Sees Fat Profits from Skinny Bundles

03.15.16 Posted in New Media News by Denise

As the disruption of the TV business continues, there are more and more ways to go direct to consumer through options like CBS All Access and other OTT choices. The sad news is radio might not be a part of their future.

Finding an Audience Online

07.28.15 Posted in New Media News, Radio in all its forms by Denise

A recent survey states the obvious – acquiring an audience and revenue are a challenge for small podcasters The same is true for other independent media creators.
I remember a seminar I went to a few years ago when a blogger indignantly demanded of the speaker “So when will I make money?”
Since I have more experience than [...]

Women, Back to Back

06.15.15 Posted in New Media News, Radio in all its forms by Denise

Let’s be clear about this. No one has ever presented any legitimate research that proves women won’t listen to women DJ’s or that radio listeners tune out if songs by female vocalists are played back to back. These prejudices are a throwback to an earlier, less enlightened time but they’re dangerous because they can impact [...]

The Case of the Disappearing Radio Formats

04.16.15 Posted in New Media News by Denise

Having had a long career in radio, people often ask me why they can’t find a station they like. Others think radio is being driven out of business by streaming and satellite radio. In fact, radio listening is still quite robust, but it’s true that listeners seek out alternatives when they can’t find what they [...]

Our On Demand World

03.24.15 Posted in New Media News by Denise

Consumers are increasingly accustomed to getting information and entertainment on demand. If you’re a broadcasting company, why WOULDN’T you want to gain audience by making the most of highly desirable programs that cost a fortune to produce unless there were some kind of onerous licensing or fees involved. In this case, overnight re-broadcasts gave NBC’s [...]

But can they make money?

02.03.15 Posted in New Media News by Denise

Companies like Pandora and Netflix have become pop culture darlings as they disrupt traditional media. But are they sustainable? The jury’s out on their profitability, due to high rights fees.

Can you say Disintermediation?

10.29.14 Posted in New Media News by Denise

HBO can and they seem to be taking it seriously. Consumers have expressed an interest in getting the service directly from them rather than having to go through a cable company and subscribe to a package. With the increasing availability smart TVs and over the top boxes like Roku, it’s easy to get programming right [...]

Online Ad Revenue Passes TV – Another Milestone

04.10.14 Posted in New Media News, Online Video by Denise

Online advertising has reached a new milestone. It’s now passed TV in ad dollars

HereHere for New Yorkers!

03.11.14 Posted in New Media News by Denise

Sure, we’re all suffering from information overload but it should be up to each individual to determine what’s most useful and desirable. So while a lot of people won’t have time for something this granular, the HereHere app from Microsoft’s FuSE Labs’ could be a hit by providing New Yorkers with hyper-local news based on [...]