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Online Ad Revenue Passes TV – Another Milestone

04.10.14 Posted in New Media News, Online Video by Denise

Online advertising has reached a new milestone. It’s now passed TV in ad dollars

No All-Inclusive Movie Service Anytime Soon

03.27.14 Posted in Online Video by Denise

If you recall the early days of online music, you may remember that there were a lot of companies in the mix, but no one company had deals with every major label – until iTunes. Sure, iTunes had the advantage of Apple’s design and easy interoperability, but what really made the difference is you could [...]

Beyond black and white and red (ink) all over

02.25.14 Posted in Online Video by Denise

This post is from my good friend Robert Garcia. I worked with Robert when he was in charge of CNNRadio News. He’s now at NPR and offers this analysis of newspapers’ problems with online video.
“Newspapers are discovering they’re not so good at the video business. Post TV (the Washington Post’s “channel”) has become a money-sucking [...]

VOD Disrupts Premium Cable

01.21.14 Posted in Online Video by Denise

There’s a pretty important trend which isn’t yet widely recognized. This article from MediaPost’s VideoDaily reveals how VOD is affecting premium cable subscriptions And now, back to watching Alpha House on Amazon Prime…

The Aereo Dilemma

11.10.13 Posted in Online Video by Denise

Barry Diller was a brilliant broadcast executive who was one of the first to see the potential in new media. His company,  IAC, has a service called Aereo which permits users to view live TV on their computers for a monthly fee. They offer the same stations already available in the area so is it [...]

Video Killed the Radio Star Redux

11.05.13 Posted in Online Video, Radio in all its forms by Denise

Those of us of a certain age may remember when MTV signed on with the Buggles song Video Killed the Radio Star. Turned out that wasn’t the case but YouTube may be more of a threat than cable TV ever was. Jennifer Lane of Audio4cast makes the argument in this excellent guest post published in [...]

SI Tries a New Paywall

10.08.13 Posted in Online Video by Denise

With so much free content available, it’s tough to get people to pay for subscriptions or even get them to watch short commercials. Sports Illustrated is experimenting with a new system. Will viewers spoiled by free content cooperate?

TV Disruption Continues

09.13.13 Posted in Online Video by Denise

Cable, fiber, or IP? As demand increases for TV content wherever, whenever and on whatever device the consumer desires, Verizon seeks to expand their rights to online subscriptions.

Watch ABC go IP

03.19.13 Posted in Online Video by Denise

ABC will soon release an app called Watch ABC which will enable viewers to see the network live on their mobile devices. Perhaps this is an effort to preempt Barry Diller’s Aereo subscription service, but it’s a big step for a network broadcaster to turn to IP. And good for the viewer. It will be interesting [...]

Video didn’t kill the radio star

07.17.10 Posted in Online Video, Radio in all its forms by Denise

It will become an integral part of every radio website.  Smart radio managers are already taking every opportunity to increase stickiness and keep listeners coming back by showcasing relevant video.
This report is courtesy of Inside Radio
Video builds the radio star.
Some 183 million web surfers watched nearly 34 billion videos in May, according to ComScore. Online [...]