Targeted Content Development and Curation
for Legacy and Online Media


Denise Oliver has a long and successful track record, both in the corporate world and as an independent consultant. Denise is budget sensitive and helps clients achieve maximum quality at minimal cost. Her services include:

Content Development – Let Denise help you determine the best way to serve your audience and attract a larger one.

Repurposing Content from one medium to others – With a good understanding of the differing requirements of various media, this can be a cost effective way to extend a brand and maintain brand integrity.

Project Management – Many staffs have been downsized to the point that it’s just not possible to get extra projects done. Working with your people, Denise can provide that critical extra bandwidth.

Talent Coaching – Denise has worked with nationally known talent as well as up and coming personalities and enjoys bringing out the best, unique qualities of each individual.

Strategic Planning – With experience in various media and an emphasis on innovative projects in broadcasting and new media, Denise can contribute valuable insights to your new venture.

Contact Denise on LinkedIn or @deniseoliver for a free consultation.

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